Shoe Shine Kit (Renovateur)

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Your essential Shoe Shine Kit, a fantastic way to kick-start your shoe care regime!

This kit contains everthing you require for light cleaning, maintenance and polishing. It comes in a black gift box, an excellent choice for gifting!

This kit is recommended if you are planning to use it on a leather shoes with full-grain natural leather. The Renovateur excels at this type of leather.

If you are using it on leather items made with semi-coated or pigmented leather. It is recommended to get our Lotion Shoe Shine Kit 

This Set includes:

  • 1x Saphir Medaille d'or Renovateur Creme (75ml)
  • 1x Pommadier 1925 Creme Polish (75ml) 
  • 1x Pate de luxe Wax Polish (50ml) 
  • 1x High Density Chamois Cloth (3 pieces)
  • 1x 100% Natural Horsehair brush (14cm)
  • 1x 100% Natural boarhair brush (16cm)


  • Please remember to select either Black or Neutral for your creme and wax
  • Both creme & wax have to be the same colour
  • If you want to change to 2x Horsehair brush, please indicate that during check out 
  • Discount codes are not applicable to all shoe care kits, as they are already discounted