Saphir Medaille d'or Cleanser - Gentle Cleaning on your leather shoes & goods

Given that it is raining almost on a daily basis, it is inevitable that our shoes will be stained with dirty water and grim. It creates unsightly stains.

Using the Saddle Soap or the Renomat would be too much of an overkill. Instead, for gentle cleansing of smooth leather, try the NEW Medaille d'or Cleanser.

"A gentle smooth leathers for removal of stains and waxes. It opens the pores of the leather allowing penetration of the nourishing agents present in the Saphir Médaille D’or range. The addition of Montan wax prepares the pores of the leather to receive pastes, creams or the Médaille D’or maintenance lotions."

The new Cleanser excels at daily maintenance where you do not need to do deep cleaning. It's 100% organic formulation ensures you do not have to fret about damage issues, unlike the Renomat.

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