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AbbeyHorn Deer Polishing Bone

AbbeyHorn Deer Polishing Bone

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For Shell Cordovan leather

Boning is a traditional polishing method whereby wax is applied to the footwear and then brought to a high shine by vigorous rubbing with a deer bone. In doing so, you can reduce crease appearances, scratch marks, discoloration and grease up a beautiful swirls - all ready for that signature Cordovan Shine.

To use: Simply brush shoes and wipe with a rag, then take the bone and using the central shaft of the bone (never the ends), rub the smooth rounded side in a gentle but firm circular or back and forth motion. Never use the sharp ends sides of the bone on your shoe leather, only use the smooth rounded length of the bone.

Use the deer bone in conjuction with Saphir Medaille d'or Cordovan creme for best results. The Cordovan Creme's neatsfoot oil restore luster and colour depth.

Size: varies, but typically 200mm long

MATERIALNatural Deer Bone 

VARIATIONS IN COLOUR & SIZEAll Abbeyhorn products are handmade from natural materials. As with all natural materials colours vary greatly. The items you receive will differ in colour from the product photographed. Sizes given are for reference only, as each piece is hand made, dimensions will vary slightly.

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