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Saphir Beauté Du Cuir

Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Renovating Cream

Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Renovating Cream

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One of Saphir's best known products, the Renovating cream is a resin-based concentrate of colour pigments. Aimed at covering scuff marks, scratches, cigarette burns and to refresh the colour of all smooth leathers : shoes, clothes, leather goods and furniture. It is a specialised product, best suited for partial renovation, not intended for regular care.

Remarks :

  • Can be eliminated before drying with RENOMAT below.
  • After drying, eliminate carefully with Polish Thinner (test before on a hidden part).
  • Easy application with your finger or with the Foam Applicator Pad below.
  • It is possible to mix the 46 colours together. Test the result on a piece of paper and let dry, because the shade will get slightly darker.
  • No colour discharge once dried
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