Saphir Médaille d'Or Plant Based Cleaner (100ml)

  • The next innovation in leather care is here!Introduce the NEW Saphir Medaille d'Or  Plant Based Cleaner - it is the first cleaner and stain remover for smooth leather with a 100% vegetable origin. It thoroughly cleans the pores of the leather from dirt, waxy deposits, silicones, resins without the harmful effects of the Renomat
  • You can think of this as the natural alternative to the Renomat (which in some cases can be quite aggressive and removes patina colour or coating/pigmentation on the leather). 
  • The Cleaner will not change the nature of the leather, making it neither drier nor fatter, which allows a beautiful finish very quickly. Designed in collaboration with bootmakers, this product allows a very deep cleaning of the treated supports.
  • Exclusive vegetal formula without any dangerousness classification.
  • Very effective for cleaning sneakers and the slices of white rubber soles.