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AbbeyHorn Sleeking Bone

AbbeyHorn Sleeking Bone

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The AbbeyHorn Sleeking Bone is similar to the Deer Polishing Bone in that it can be used to smooth out rough surfaces on shoe leathers. It's unique shape allows you to use in tight corners of the shoe. 

It's main purpose is to re-compress the pores and fibers, thereby re-smoothing the leather and keeping it looking new. This can be especially useful across the vamp of the shoe, which develops wrinkles as a result of use. In addition, it can be used to compress scuff marks or uneven bumps due to excessive absorption of rain/liquids.

Size: varies, but typically 200mm / 8 inches long

MATERIALNatural Bone 

VARIATIONS IN COLOUR & SIZEAll Abbeyhorn products are handmade from natural materials. As with all natural materials colours vary greatly. The items you receive will differ in colour from the product photographed. Sizes given are for reference only, as each piece is hand made, dimensions will vary slightly.

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